The legging is often pointed: not enough dressed, not suitable for all morphologies, too “cheap” … And yet, it belongs to the category of basic essentials. If he has such bad press, it is because the excesses have been many since its official release: too often mistaken for pants, it was worn as is, with short or tight tops.

Its opacity has placed directly as an excellent alternative to tights and we could see it associated with mini-skirts or micro-shorts, often jeans, a little too torn and not always the best taste.

Who can wear leggings?

Leggings have no age limit, it is also one of the only clothes you can wear from childhood to adulthood, it is however demanding in terms of the silhouette.

It is rather adapted to the fine morphologies or those which do not have imperfections such as orange peel, cellulite, arched knees … because it leaves everything to glimpse, especially when it is end and to buy in big signboard.

But do not panic, if you have a voluptuous morphology you can also wear it. It will be enough to choose it well: in a rather thick material, a little gainante. Worn with a fluid and ample top it will make you a beautiful silhouette.

It is a real basic that can be worn at home, for work or during a sport. Real second skin, it will take up little space in your closet and will be donned in no time during your daily dressing.


Leggings are an eternal basic that we all have in our wardrobes. Hyper convenient and comfortable, these pants straight out of the gym is embedded in all our outfits neither seen nor known. But still it is necessary to associate it with style. Because if it is used at all, it sometimes close the fashion faux pas. Here are 7 things to never wear with leggings.

A gym bag

This is the adage of a multitude of stars: leggings + luxurious handbag is a combo that works every time. Because if these pants come straight from the gyms, no question of opting for the total look. Prefer an it-bag worn by hand or over the shoulder to twister your look.

A top too chic

At the base, the leggings is a sportswear. Impossible to associate with a top too chic, too dressed … too much. Opt instead for a jean jacket (that of your boyfriend for example will be perfect).

A dress or skirt

Even if the trend of overlay has taken over the streets during Fashion Week, forget about your 2000s fashion lessons. Put on leggings with a dress or skirt is probably the fake fashion to avoid. The must ? Combine it with an oversize sweater or a long sweatshirt.


Flat shoes required. Instead of wanting to perch at all costs, put on your best pair of sneakers (or your good old Stan Smith) and you’re done! Flowers, white, shiny or printed … everything is allowed.

A crop top

When spring points the tip of his nose, hard not to resist the call of the crop top. And yet, we will have to do without it. There is no question of giving a glimpse of his navel when wearing leggings. Opt for an oversized bomber to put on over your sports bra.



Have you ever wondered what effect it would make you wander out as if you were just as comfortable in your pajamas after putting on a full day’s work? You know this feeling of feeling as light as a feather, without any weight on yourself and almost only the air that touches your skin. Make body with your body and everything around you.

There are clothes that offer just this unique sensation of being as free as the air and as flexible as the matter from outside. One of them ? Sport leggings.

It is surely one of the clothing revolutions of our time. Finished joggings king size or low waist, today the magic recipe is to combine aesthetics and practice, lightness and pleasure. Enhance while being comfortable, this is exactly what wearing sports leggings.


Aaaah … Leggings … It’s not always easy to wear this garment with class! Too late to be a pair of pants. Too thick to be a tights. The leggings are part of wardrobe basics: this piece is simply indispensable in the wardrobe of any fashionista who respects himself. But how to wear leggings? With what highs, what shoes?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you wear leggings in a dressy or casual way, but always with class. In this article, you will discover costume ideas, illustrated by photos: ideal for creating cool looks!

You will also discover what to wear with your leggings. Finally, I will give you all the tricks to choose the shoes to wear with leggings.

After reading this article, it is promised, wearing leggings will have no secrets for you.

But first … Do you know exactly what leggings are? A leggings is a cotton or leather tights without feet, usually black, long and opaque. The leggings are worn in a solid color: black or heather gray, for example. The printed leggings are also nice, but harder to wear.

The legging puts the legs of the wearer in value. Your legs are not all thin? So what? Contrary to popular belief, leggings also go round women! The secret to wearing leggings when one is round? Choose the right shoes and the right accessories. We will come back to this point later in this article.

The leggings are super comfortable pants and ideal to wear in the mornings where you do not know what to wear.

There are obviously other essential pants in the dressing room of all fashionistas: cigarette pants, boyfriend jeans or chino pants, for example.

Did you know that in the late 80s and early 90s, leggings were very fashionable. It was called “underpants”. At that time, leggings were very colorful (the floral patterns were a great success) and filled with patterns and prints. After missing out on women’s dressings for a few years, leggings made a comeback in women’s wardrobes. Fortunately, today’s leggings are no longer the same as in the 90s.